Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Independent Schools Offer Several Benefits For Students

Independent schools differ from public institutions in a few ways. The main one is that they are self-funded and self-governed, so they do not depend on the city, state, or federal government to stay funded. Instead, they usually charge tuition, and they may also accept cash donations. No matter where the funding comes from, there are a few advantages of a school that does not rely on the government for money.

One of the most important benefits of independent schools is that they usually offer high-quality education for all students. This is because they can carefully budget based on the money they either already have or know they will get from benefactors. By contrast, a public school often has a fluctuating budget that depends on the tax rate and overall economy since it is funded by taxpayers. Therefore, in a bad economy, programs may be unexpectedly cut, and due to this, there may not be a good variety of classes available for students.

This advantage applies to extracurricular programs, too. Since many independent schools have control of their own budget, they can offer a wide variety of after-school options. If you want your kids to have their pick of several sports, clubs, and performing arts options, choosing this type of school may be a good idea. This will help them with their college applications since most universities like to see a variety of extracurricular activities on any student's resume. If your kids have a passion for a program that the typical public school cannot afford, independent schools may be the best choice.

Additionally, due to the fact that the budget is often higher, this type of option usually attracts experienced teachers. This can clearly be quite beneficial for students. You want to send your kids to an educational institution that is able to appeal to the best teachers, not just new graduates or average teachers who are simply desperate for a job. This type of educational institution offers enough benefits and opportunities to teachers that it has its pick of several applicants. Such teachers usually end up offering students the help they need, which may include one-on-one assistance and constant communication with parents to update them on how their kids are doing.

If you are trying to decide whether public or independent schools are the best for your kids, you should keep these benefits in mind. There is no way to say that either type is the best for everyone, but you can look at the benefits of each. Then you should schedule a time to check out the campus and talk to administrators before making up your mind.

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